Experiment 2 with video

Kenny Borthwick with some much needed encouragement and advice on getting back into our Bibles.


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Hearing……….and not doing!!

I've been AWOL from here for a while. Why? Partly because I feel like I've been AWOL from God for a while. Why? Most likely, because I've been hearing the word, read, preached or taught and I have not done it. Pretty simple stuff really but I'm pretty certain that this is the cause of … Continue reading Hearing……….and not doing!!

Look a little longer…what do you see?

Excellent blog post. We’re so busy in life we can miss the need of prayer that plays out right in front of us. Thankful for people like Kenny who actually demonstrate hearts of compassion.


Was at the GP today. Helpful visit, though not altogether good news. I seem to have myopathy, brought on by long term steroid use and the lessening of activity through my breathing difficulties. Anyway, there it is.

However, what interested me more was sitting in the waiting room. There were two young mums there. One was very actively involved with her children, speaking with them, reading to them, listening to them. They were quite animated and full of beans. The other young mum was hardly interacting with her child who seemed listless and very silent. She tried to get her mum’s attention a few times wihout much success.

I confess it was easy to slip into thinking about “inadequate parenting” and from there into judgementalism. Then I noticed something happening. As the more involved mum of the two livelier chldren started reading yet another story, the other mum started to…

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Intimacy with God (part 1)

Worship, the act of freely giving love to God, forms and informs every activity of the Christian’s life. Many people who visit Vineyard Christian Fellowships around the country remark on the depth and richness of our worship. 1,173 more words via Intimacy With God (Part 1: Definition Of Worship) — vineyardworship

Family Rules

As we're looking at being part of God's family I thought I'd share a picture of our family rules hanging in our kitchen. We encourage ourselves & our kids to carry these out. It ties into the second of Jesus commands. LOVE OTHERS.  Let's practice them. HD